Orlando Weather

Orlando Weather

Orlando Weather is tropical, with high humidity and high temperatures prevalent throughout the year. Winter is the most enjoyable time to be in Orlando; the weather is often so warm in winter that it is possible to go swimming. The humidity levels and temperatures are higher in Spring, and by the end of spring the rainy season begins (although rain is always a possibility in Orlando).

Summer is always hot in Orlando, with high temperatures that reach the 90's and high humidity a sure thing. As we go deeper into Fall the weather start becoming more pleasant, and the rainy season ends in October.

Of course everything is air conditioned in Orlando, the theme parks sell inexpensive umbrellas and rain parkas, and there are the water parks. Summer travel to Orlando Florida is still fun and winter travel is wonderful, so pack your shorts, t-shirts, sun screen, rain parka, umbrella, and a swimming suit, and come see what the fuss is all about in Orlando.

Orlando Weather Calculator

Our calculator will tell you the normal high and low temperatures, and the highest and lowest recorded temperatures for the dates that you have entered. As the dates you are interested in approach we suggest that you check the Orlando weather report to discover the most likely weather for the dates your are interested in.